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 Signs of being addicted to sledding
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Posted - 12/21/2003 :  5:46:48 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Signs of being addicted

You know you have a problem with being addicted to dog sledding and your dogs when:

*In your spare time you sit and watch the weather channel while you relax and make more ganglines

*you say to your partner " I promise honey this is the last litter"

*after you have said the above you secretly pick out the next stud.

*you forget to pick up the kids from school because you just got the most amazing snow fall and just had to go sledding

*you wake up in the middle of the night run down stairs to make final changes to the main team line up.

*you spend more time reading the labels on dog food bags than you do your own food.

*you no longer understand anyone who does not think freezing your butt off behind a team of dogs is the best way to relax.

*Your gloves smell like raw meat and your snow bottoms and boots smell like dog pee, and you don't notice anymore, or for that sake don't even care.

*summer has just arrived and you are planning the training schedule for fall.

*your concerned that Christmas and your wedding anniversary will interfere with your racing dates

this was written by my husband who thinks I really have a problem :-) Merry christmas every one happy mushing


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Posted - 12/21/2003 :  9:06:05 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
I'll add on to that!

*you prefer your truck to a sports car

*you think hair is a food group

*you sleep with the window open to get used to the cold

*your "nice" clothes have holes all over but your mushing clothing is top of the line

*you have a journal filled with future dog names

*you make your friends ride on the fur infested back seat converted into a giant dog bed rather than clean out the truck, and the dogs are still sitting there (imagine 4 people and 4 dogs in an extended cab Frontier :-)

I'm sure I can think of some others if you give me some time!

Liz & the pack

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Posted - 12/22/2003 :  6:08:45 PM  Show Profile  Visit vetbills's Homepage  Reply with Quote
You lift the lid on the dog cooker and ask your partner, "Honey, how does this smell?"

"Dammit...I said whoa!"
Out Front! Kennels
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Posted - 12/25/2003 :  7:09:08 PM  Show Profile  Visit huskyhauler's Homepage  Reply with Quote
You always keep a clean set of Carharts around in case you have to go somewhere formal
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Kurt S

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Posted - 12/26/2003 :  4:30:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Your boots smell like the poopscoop and you don't care...

Happy trail out there...
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Posted - 12/26/2003 :  10:54:54 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
you know you are past being addicted and you now are a dealer if you:

*tell friends and family just to stand on the runner and see how they feel

*you offer to lend out your older team and sled to the person who just simply said "wow that looks like fun"

*you drive the streets of the nearest town with your new dog box on the back of your truck, for no reason.

*you try and get the neighbour kids to come and help in the dog yard in the hope they may want to "take out the team"

* finally you know you are a dealer when you just can help but try and get total strangers to come out and experience the greatest ride of their life time.

I am sure there are more signs.

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Posted - 12/27/2003 :  07:54:18 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You know your addicted:
When you sell out of a comfortable home in the City and move to a shack in the woods.
When every piece of clothing you own has traces of husky hair.
When your credit card statements look like a dog equipment catalog.
When every discussion you get involved in turns to Mush and dogs.
When beaver meat starts to smell yummy.
When walking through dog crap is like a walk in the park.
When you've spent the day cleaning the kennel and realize you've been talking to your dogs the whole time.
When you start sizing up the neighbors dogs for athletic ability and probable harness size.
When people(you don't know) on the street start refering to you as "dog man "or "big husky dude" or the "moosher".
After your bitches second litter has been born on a bed - your bed.
When you eye up road kills for canine nutritional value.
When you go to church with your kennel Muck boots on and it's requested you sit in the last pew.

Cliff Maxfield
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Scott L.P.

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Posted - 12/28/2003 :  11:10:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You might be a musher if;
1.your dog box is cleaner then the inside of your truck.2.Your best conversations are with your dogs.3.When normal people talk about home repair you think there talking about dog houses.4.Your favorite sled is in the house just so you can study it.5.You can know longer carry on a regular converstaion unless its about dogs.6.Checking dog poops for consistency is know longer weird.7.When you bring a new dog into your lot you take your turn smelling there butt too,Just kiddin.8.The dog lot is cleaner then your house and there straw is changed out more often then your sheets.9.After a heavy snow you dig out the dogs before the driveway.10.You spend 5 to 10 times more money on dog food then you do for yourself.

Scott L.P.
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Posted - 12/28/2003 :  3:45:41 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You tear out the carpet in your house so the dogs can come inside.
You watch with envy while your dog gets HIS back adjusted at the chiropractor.
You get really excited and wave wildly at any passing dog truck. :-)

Julie DeLoach
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Posted - 12/30/2003 :  07:32:23 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
you have more photo's of your team than family and friends.
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Posted - 12/30/2003 :  10:08:55 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You give directions to your friends and you use GEE and HAW!


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Fast E

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Posted - 12/30/2003 :  5:43:35 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
you know to end a musher party you just have to ask"what time is it",someone will say 'time to drop",and your party is over.

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Mary Lou

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Posted - 12/30/2003 :  9:08:50 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Your home page is sled dog central!
Magazines and catalogs in the bathroom all pertain to dog sledding!
Your friends say you're the easiest person to buy gifts for since anything sleddog related will make you happy!
Think Snow!
~Mary Lou

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Posted - 12/31/2003 :  07:25:28 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
Your "family night out" consists of a 3 hr drive to pick up kibble, and a stop at a friend's house for 2 garbage cans of raw meat scraps. After an hour chat and tea break, you hop in the vehicle, and everyone exclaims "Hey, that meat smells GOOD !" (also known as : You pick your family car based on the fact that there is enough room to haul feed/dogs INSIDE the vehicle)

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Posted - 12/31/2003 :  09:23:16 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
You were absolutely ecstatic to find your biggest Xmas present was a new set of Carhartt overalls for the dog yard.

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Scott L.P.

1022 Posts

Posted - 01/01/2004 :  03:03:43 AM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote
How about when your as excited about feeding a new food as the dogs are to get it.

Scott L.P.
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